Tuesday, 6 October 2015

As time went by..

As time went by..

standing here alone in this room
looking out of the window at the rising moon
feeling like there is only emptiness
all around is pain and darkness
I turn around to face all memories
all that now sound like fictional  stories
I close my eyes and slowly breathe
laughter of past disturbing my peace
as I walk around, touching the wall
I hear the songs hidden in this hall
even with open eyes, I see daydreams
vividly Surrounded by all past memories

As time went by..

the memories of laughter and pain
the memories of love and disdain
arrival of spring, chasing  blue  butterfly
bright sun,fluffy clouds and clear blue sky
gloom of  dark clouds, thunder and rain
from my heart, poured out the hidden pain
like change in season ,  relationship changed
thorns  replaced roses, I never blamed
rainbows vanished, eclipse appeared
all true, beautiful feelings disappeared
the  memories of  completeness and isolation
the  memories of  togetherness and separation

 As  time went by..

standing alone in darkness, moon gone
looking out at the spreading light of  dawn
existence becomes difficult with emptiness
praying for sunshine to bring brightness
wishing pictures of memories to come alive
the important reason, I can and I will survive
music of love will play someday,  sometime
I will dance to the rhythm and rhyme
breeze as fresh as dew on a rose petal
with just a touch, helps things to settle
one day the rainbow of happiness will appear
drifting away the dark clouds of sorrow forever......

Monday, 30 June 2014

Creation of my mind

walking through the woods
surrounded by beauty of nature
rays of sun illuminating the forest
tangle of  branches creating artifacts

all of a sudden
everything engulfed in darkness
heard hiss and howl
heard crackling of twigs and dry leaves

composure repossessed
as visibility regained
but mist formed a curtain
couldn't see far beyond

as I wandered
only white mist I could see
suddenly felt, dense mist closing in on me
so close that I couldn't breathe.

but then scene changed
I was in the middle of ocean
struggling with violent waves
the sky painted greyish black

soon, a wave towered over me
threatening to kill me in seconds
assured death stood before me
next second I was underneath water

astound  to see a beautiful lake
surrounded by hills
I was in heaven ,I thought
 realty struck like lightning

admiring the beauty of this place
I dont know when I fell asleep
events that occurred one afer another
everything ,creation of my mind

Friday, 6 June 2014

What is 'not' Life?

~The Other Side of the coin~

What is 'not' Life?To answer this , let us see what is life with 'NO's.

~NO. Fantasies ,fairytales will NEVER come true.
 .If you think ,one day ,you can  become invisible ,then you should take birth in some superhero comic book. 
~NO.There is no superman/batman/ spiderman/wolverine/etc
.If you want to jump from one cliff to another. I am sorry ,you need a psychiatrist.
~ NO. There is no Cinderella/Snow white/Rapunzel/ Bella/Ariel/etc
. In this world you can't  get  long and strong  (that can be used as a rope) hair . 
~NO.There is no place like,as in ,Harry Potter /Twilight/Narnia/Lord of the rings/etc
.If you are waiting for Edward to bite you so that you become a vampire.Sorry ,you have to wait for eternity.
~NO.There is no magic/spell/power/mutant/wand/etc 
.If you have a stick (wand) and if you think that you can cast AVADA KEDAVRA and destroy your worst enemy . NO, nothing will happen.
~NO.There is no Werewolf/Pegasus/Phoenix/Dragon/Shape-shifter/etc
.If you find a black dog in the evening or at night ,please don't give it cake and cold drink. Please dont mistake it for Sirius Black(From Harry Potter).

Remember "Never say Never "By Justin Bieber.But , I have  to use"NO"" NEVER"

Note=>This is how I think about life. Please share your perspectives.

What Is 'Life'?

Let's try to define life.(Hmmm....It takes some time.) 
Okay.For me, life is- let me expand it:
F-full of
E-expectations and endeavours

For me life is

~time period from birth to death
~when I am writing this post i.e. NOW
~when I see God's beautiful creations
~when I breathe in some fresh air
~when I get love and care of my family
~when I share my joy and laughter with my friends
~when I cry hard and need someone to hug
~when I achieve my goals
~when I am heartbroken and defeated
~when I make some silly mistakes
~when I feel someone's pain
~when I am out of my senses
etc ,etc..

Note=>This is my definition .Please share your meaning  of 'LIFE' in your life.

Friday, 16 May 2014

He was there for me

When I was going through a rough phase
When there was no one to embrace
Crying for my loneliness in my solitude
 Not in a state to show  fortitude
........He was there for me.

Though I was the one who betrayed
The love he gave me I slayed
 My words cut his  heart into slices
Even  when I was stuck in crisis
 ........He was there for me.

When I was  struggling with my life
 When there was no love but strife
Only my shadow disturbed my solitariness
surrounded by nothing but hopelessness
............He was there for me

Though I was the one who broke his heart
My extreme hatred tore him apart
I was the reason  why  he cried
Even  when I felt I almost  died
......He was there for me

When I was finding way through this maze
When my mind  was in a  haze
Not a single soul was ready to assist
Anguish I felt was not easy to resist
.......He was there for me

Though I was the one who left him alone
My demeanor made him so lone
 Void that was created hurt his existence
Even when I never  wanted his presence
............He was there for me

Monday, 12 May 2014


Heard a bang on my window pane,
Peeped out, found nothing but rain.
Felt cool breeze brushed against my skin,
Soon, my head started to spin.
Seemed strange yet scary,
Hallucinating  as I was weary. .

Lights went off ,darkness prevailed,
Heart started racing,'run' my mind declared.
Heard footsteps approaching me,
Stood frozen, I wanted to flee.
Praying hard for Angels to descend,
Everything is fine, I tried to pretend.

Darkness seemed better than illumination,
Truth was horrible, beyond my imagination.
Scream escaped my lips ,I felt cold,
The spirit looked deadly and bold.
Just a step away  stood my death,
Started praying  until my last breath.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

I Cant Forget You

  I can forget everything 
 I can forget myself   
       .... I cannot forget your touch 
 Even when you put your hands on my throat
Even when last few breaths are left
   ........I swear I can't forget u


 I can forget all my  memories 

I can forget all my life  

   ....But I can't forget your name  
Even when day turns night
Even when ocean dries 
    ........ I swear I can't forget u

 I can forget all the lovely seasons 
 I can forget all the beautiful colors 
    ....But I can't forget ur breath
Even when there is no hope 
 Even when there is nothing but emptiness 
     ........I swear I can't forget u

I can forget all my loved ones 
I can forget all the love I got from them
   ....But I can't forget ur face
Even when only silence can be heard
Even when no life survives on this earth  
  ........  I swear I can't forget u

Monday, 7 April 2014

Looking for answers..

trying hard to breathe
air around me ,so thin
there's a pain ,in my heart
but alone,I am fighting it hard..

looking up at the sky
there are dark clouds ,no silver line
just a ray of sunshine,I wanna see
It will raise hope, inside me..

finding it tough to swim
 amidst high waves,there's no dry land
praying for help,answers I'll find
boat of peace,'ll bring rest to my mind..

searching way through dense forest
thousands of path,but not the right one
feels like lost forever,still there' s desire
inside my heart ,it's burning like fire..

trying desperately to live
no matter what happens, i will
dreams are  still alive, to achieve
life will be ,what I believe..