Monday, 30 June 2014

Creation of my mind

walking through the woods
surrounded by beauty of nature
rays of sun illuminating the forest
tangle of  branches creating artifacts

all of a sudden
everything engulfed in darkness
heard hiss and howl
heard crackling of twigs and dry leaves

composure repossessed
as visibility regained
but mist formed a curtain
couldn't see far beyond

as I wandered
only white mist I could see
suddenly felt, dense mist closing in on me
so close that I couldn't breathe.

but then scene changed
I was in the middle of ocean
struggling with violent waves
the sky painted greyish black

soon, a wave towered over me
threatening to kill me in seconds
assured death stood before me
next second I was underneath water

astound  to see a beautiful lake
surrounded by hills
I was in heaven ,I thought
 realty struck like lightning

admiring the beauty of this place
I dont know when I fell asleep
events that occurred one afer another
everything ,creation of my mind

Friday, 6 June 2014

What is 'not' Life?

~The Other Side of the coin~

What is 'not' Life?To answer this , let us see what is life with 'NO's.

~NO. Fantasies ,fairytales will NEVER come true.
 .If you think ,one day ,you can  become invisible ,then you should take birth in some superhero comic book. 
~NO.There is no superman/batman/ spiderman/wolverine/etc
.If you want to jump from one cliff to another. I am sorry ,you need a psychiatrist.
~ NO. There is no Cinderella/Snow white/Rapunzel/ Bella/Ariel/etc
. In this world you can't  get  long and strong  (that can be used as a rope) hair . 
~NO.There is no place like,as in ,Harry Potter /Twilight/Narnia/Lord of the rings/etc
.If you are waiting for Edward to bite you so that you become a vampire.Sorry ,you have to wait for eternity.
~NO.There is no magic/spell/power/mutant/wand/etc 
.If you have a stick (wand) and if you think that you can cast AVADA KEDAVRA and destroy your worst enemy . NO, nothing will happen.
~NO.There is no Werewolf/Pegasus/Phoenix/Dragon/Shape-shifter/etc
.If you find a black dog in the evening or at night ,please don't give it cake and cold drink. Please dont mistake it for Sirius Black(From Harry Potter).

Remember "Never say Never "By Justin Bieber.But , I have  to use"NO"" NEVER"

Note=>This is how I think about life. Please share your perspectives.

What Is 'Life'?

Let's try to define life.(Hmmm....It takes some time.) 
Okay.For me, life is- let me expand it:
F-full of
E-expectations and endeavours

For me life is

~time period from birth to death
~when I am writing this post i.e. NOW
~when I see God's beautiful creations
~when I breathe in some fresh air
~when I get love and care of my family
~when I share my joy and laughter with my friends
~when I cry hard and need someone to hug
~when I achieve my goals
~when I am heartbroken and defeated
~when I make some silly mistakes
~when I feel someone's pain
~when I am out of my senses
etc ,etc..

Note=>This is my definition .Please share your meaning  of 'LIFE' in your life.