Monday, 30 June 2014

Creation of my mind

walking through the woods
surrounded by beauty of nature
rays of sun illuminating the forest
tangle of  branches creating artifacts

all of a sudden
everything engulfed in darkness
heard hiss and howl
heard crackling of twigs and dry leaves

composure repossessed
as visibility regained
but mist formed a curtain
couldn't see far beyond

as I wandered
only white mist I could see
suddenly felt, dense mist closing in on me
so close that I couldn't breathe.

but then scene changed
I was in the middle of ocean
struggling with violent waves
the sky painted greyish black

soon, a wave towered over me
threatening to kill me in seconds
assured death stood before me
next second I was underneath water

astound  to see a beautiful lake
surrounded by hills
I was in heaven ,I thought
 realty struck like lightning

admiring the beauty of this place
I dont know when I fell asleep
events that occurred one afer another
everything ,creation of my mind